Whilst in my final year at Brighton I ran a series of workshops for other students, on the theme “Abstracting Typography” - with the aim of expanding our understanding of type and pushing
the way we approach typography as designers. Set exercises encouraged participants to use
letters in unexpected ways - for example; design a letter using components from a number,
or, design a letter using 20 marks on the page. It pushed my own practice and design thinking
to set projects and workshops for my peers, whilst engaging with alternative viewpoints.
In November 2020 I ran one of these workshops as an alumni online -
to which a second year student said it was “the best thing (they’d) done all year”!

If you’d like to book a workshop, or hire me to run one for your school or organisation - send me an email: :~) 

Workshop outcomes from the November workshop with BA (hons) Graphic Design at Brighton University